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Zero Gravity
May 18 - June 02 & 12 - 25, 2023 (Saskatoon + Area, SK)
June 04 - 10, 2023 (Regina + Area, SK)
June 26 - 29, 2023 (Northern SK)

Creative Team:

Produced by SUM Theatre

Witten by Yvette Nolan

Music by Krystle Pederson

Directed by Joel Bernbaum Mackenzie Dawson

Designed by Taegan O'Bertos,

Conor P Farrell  & Jensine Emeline

Assisted by Kei Tanaka

Stage Managed by Jalisa Gonie

Assistant Stage Managed by Sam Fairweather

Production Assisted by Paige Francoeur.

Images by Studio D


Johanna Arnott: Ensemble, Inhabitant 

Amanda Trapp: Ensemble

Jesse Fulcher-Gagnon: Ensemble, Quagga Reez

Peace Akintade: Ensemble, Inhabitant

Mitchel Larsen: Ensemble, Inhabitant

Leze Pewapsconias: Ensemble, Auroch Reez

Dean Stockdale: Ensemble, Phoenix

Donovan Scheirer: Ensemble, Dr. Einstein Reez

A Sci-Fi exploration of climate breakdown and what will happen if we don’t start changing the way we live on Mother Earth. There is “No Planet B” and if we continue to use up her resources, what will be left for future generations? Come take a journey with us, with Dr Einstein Reez who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, as he searches for a solution to save his children and the rest of the world


Image by Studio D

The Cast and Creatives of Zero Gravity, SUM Theatre, Theatre in the Park 2023

Top Row: Yvette Nolan (Left), Conor Farrell, Taegan O'Bertos, Jesse Fulcher-Gagnon, Joel Bernbaum (Behind), Jalisa Gonie, Mitchel Larsen, Donovan Scheirer, Kevin Niessen (Behind), Jensine Emeline, Krystle Pederson, Mackenzie Dawson (Right)

Bottom Row: Sam Fairweather (Left), Amanda Trapp, Dean Stockdale, Johanna Arnott, Peace Akintade, Leze Pewapsconias (Right)

Front: Kei Tanaka

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