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As You Like It
July 13 - August 19, 2023 (Saskatoon, SK)

Creative Team:

Produced by Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

Witten by William Shakespeare

Directed by Jamie King

Assistant Directed by Oli Guselle

Fight Direction by Daniel Ford Beavis

Fight Assisted by Jordie Richardson

Choreography by Jonathon Pickrell

Intimacy Direction by Kenn McLeod

Set Design by Conor P Farrell

Costume Design by Jensine Emeline

Lighting Design by Katie Blackburn-Dust

Sound Design &
Composition by Tim Bratton & Amanda Trapp

Stage Managed by Ricardo Alvarado

Assistant Stage Managed by Avery Fehr

With thanks to Green Ark Carpentry,
Kody Manson, Jonathan Cestnick,
Gabriel Martell, Philippa Williams,
Stephen Wade, Liz Wilks,
Kei Tanaka 
and Pam Johnson.

Images by Garret Kendel with King Rose Visuals


Lisa Bayliss: Adam, Phebe

Joshua Beaudry: Jacques

Robert Benz: Duke Senior, Duke Frederick

Jen Fong: Celia

Krystel Harder: Charles, Amiens, Corin

Jordan Harvey:  Orlando

Camille Legg: Rosalind

Matthew Letkeman: Le Beau, Audrey

Katie Moore: Touchstone 

Bongani Musa: William, Oliver

Rebecca Spilchak: Performance Swing

Kevin Williamson: Silvius

In Arden forest, society’s rules of conformity are off and the players discover what love truly can be in this beloved comedy. Director, Jamie King, takes As You Like It forward to present-day in this joyous exploration of identity and love.


Image by Garret Kendel with King Rose Visuals

The Cast and Creatives of As You Like It, SOTS 2023

Top Row: Luke Von Eschen (Left), Tim Bratton, Kody Manson, Anna Yaworski, Jordan Harvey, Oli Guselle, Conor Farrell, Ricardo Alvarado, Xander Scribante (Right)

Middle Row: Katie Blackburn-Dust (Left), Kayvon Khoshkam, Jamie King, Lisa Bayliss, Kevin Williamson, Robert Benz, Katie Moore, Joshua Beaudry (Right)

Center: Matthew Letkeman (Left), Bongani Musa (Right)

Bottom Row: Lauren Griffin Left), Jensine Emeline, Avery Fehr, Jen Fong, Krystel Harder, Camille Legg, Rebecca Spilchak, Kei Tanaka, Melanie Rogowski (Right)

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