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February 02 - 12, 2023 (Saskatoon, SK)

Creative Team:

Produced by Burnt Thicket Theatre

Witten by Krista Marushy

Directed & Set Design by Stephen Waldschmidt

Lighting Design by Conor P Farrell

Sound Design by Tim Bratton

Intimacy Direction by Kenn McLeod

Stage Managed by Liam Scramstad

Scenic Assisting by Conor P Farrell

    & Brooklynn Bitner.

Production Assisted by Søren Siebert.

With thanks to Jeremy Smith 

and Tanqueray Strange.

Images by Dave Stobbe


Tim Bratton: Frank

Paige Francoeur: Angela

Andrea Folster: Marian

 During the late shift at this rural diner, an inquisitive customer divines information far too close to home for the man behind the counter. Two strangers wrestle with coincidences that urge them to choose between the familiarity of their own isolation or the risk of being loved.

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