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The Josephine Knot
November 09 - 19, 2023 (Saskatoon, SK)

Creative Team:

Produced by The Hagstone Collective

Written by Meg Braem

Directed by Clare Middleton

Set Design by Conor P. Farrell

Lighting Design by Katie Blackburn-Dust

Sound Design by Grahame Kent

Production Dramaturgy by Danielle Richardson

Stage Managed by Liam Scramstad

With thanks to Paige, Cheryl and Greg Francoeur,
Philippa Williams,
 Diane Knight, Katie Moore,

Marie Boehm, Warren Eilers, the Gallant family

USask Greystone Theatre, Persephone Theatre

and Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan.

Images by Taylor Farrow.


Katelyn Polischuk: Samantha, Vancouver Social Services,
                      Baba, Doctor

Bob Wicks: David, Auntie Babs, Uncle Chris, Betty Schooler, 
                      Cousin Stephie, Great Uncle Tommy, Robbie

Baba has died, and now Samantha and her father must navigate their complex feelings around the death of the family matriarch. Samantha drifts through thoughts, memories, and her grandmother’s wake, grounded by dextrous performances from two actors who must shift seamlessly through time, space, and eleven different characters.

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