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October 10 - 12, 2018 (Victoria, BC)

Creative Team:

Produced by the University of Victoria's

Student Alternative Theatre Company (SATCo)

Written by Andrew Fraser

Directed by Lauren Frost

Set Design by Annie Konstantinova

Costume Design by Conor P. Farrell

Lighting Design by Glen Shafer

Sound Design by Sivert Das

Stage Managed by Cassie Holmes.

Assisted by Misty Buxton.

Images by Hailee Friesen


Lindsey Schneider: Judy Miller

Natalie Lichtenwald: the Drowning Woman

Nathan Patterson: Idris

Arielle Parsons: Egon

   "Hell is other people.” Or, in Judy’s case, it’s a bucket of water, a nameless woman, and a pair of talkative overseers conducting an experiment. Who are these people? Where are the torture chambers? And why do the overseers know so much about her? As Judy grapples with her new surroundings, and the circumstances that brought her there, she realizes that hell is a lot more personal than she imagined.

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