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Crimes of the Heart
February 15 - 24, 2018 (Victoria, BC)

Creative Team:

Produced by the University of Victoria Phoenix Theatre

Written by Beth Henley

Directed by Peter McGuire

Set Design by Stefanie Mudry

Costume Design by Madeline Lee

Lighting Design by Patrick Du Wors

Sound Design by Nicholas Atkinson

Stage Managed by Leah Hiscock.

Assistant to the Set Designer Conor P. Farrell.

Images by David Lowes.


Duncan Alexander: Barnette Lloyd
Sophie Chappell: Lenny Magrath
Sheldon Graham: Doc Porter
Lucy Sharples: Babe Botrelle
Sara Jean Valiquette: Meg Magrath
Mary Van Den Bossche: Chick Boyle

 Crimes of the Heart tells the story of the Magrath sisters who have grown into adulthood and gone their separate ways: Meg escaped Hazlehurst, Mississippi to pursue her Hollywood dreams; Babe married an ambitious young lawyer; and Lenny remained at their Granddaddy’s side in their family home. After Babe commits a violent crime, the three sisters reunite at home for the first time in years. Hilarity ensues (and a few inappropriate giggle fits) as personalities clash, new and old relationships evolve, and deep wounds are soothed by the tenderness of family. Ultimately, each sister must come to terms with the consequences of her own crimes of the heart. Humorous and heartfelt, this Pulitzer Prize-winning play beautifully captures the incredible power of family.


“Stephanie Mudry’s beautifully detailed set of a 1970’s-style farm kitchen is a pure joy, right from the yellow-and-turquoise countertops to the green wall phone.” - Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist

“The quality of the set is immediately noticeable; the designer has a talent for colours and textures, and the whole thing makes excellent use of the Phoenix Theatre’s thrust stage. The props are realistic and high quality.” - Jayden Grieve, Nexus

“Stefanie Mudry’s set, the kitchen of Granddaddy’s house, is crammed with period­perfect furniture, utensils, vinyl and chrome.  Through the window, the graceful boughs of a large tree wave slowly in the breeze; a screen door kerthunks placidly with a sound that evokes an incredible backwash of collective memory.” - Janis Lacouvee, Monday Magazine

“[…] the kitchen set and ’70s costume design are exceptional in the way that plain chocolate cake can be utterly divine without ganache or cherries or ice cream: sometimes simple is tasteful. It’s a testament to the design team that they are able to showcase and develop the characters without relying solely on the nostalgia aesthetics of the era.” - Jakelene Plan, the Martlet

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